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lore of the store

Established Long, Long Ago

Long ago, a woman with a twisted heart and terrifying powers began to weave her web across the realms. With her expertise in multi-dimensional travel and the conning arts, she opened a small hut in each realm named Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs. In each of these towns, she would market herself as a sweet old grandmother with a variety of wares from her travels. Beneath the facade, she would abduct children who were out late at night and eat them. She would sell curses and forbidden magic to desperate souls in search of aid. She would summon dark servants to eliminate anyone who tried to compete with her or suspected her of dark deeds. This woman's name was Edna Baba Yaga.

During the medieval age of the Material Plane, Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs had expanded to become one of the most well-known magical shops in the realm. While out on a walk through the forest, Edna discovered an abandoned child who had somehow melded to an old willow tree. "What luck! I was just starting to get hungry," Edna thought. After retrieving her from the grasp of the bark, the small girl began to cry, sobbing about how she had never known such kindness. As they walked back to Edna's hut, the child told explained how she had been shunned from society due to her uncontrollable magical talents; the same talents that had her melded to that tree. She lost all control of her magic merely trying to help a seed sprout when instead a willow tree sprouted from her hands. Something in Edna understood this poor child, something grieved for her, and something wanted to protect her. Her hunger for this child melted away and became a nurture. "From this day forth, you will not hang your head in shame of your talents. You will be known as Soleil Baba Yaga, child of the sun and earth. I will teach you to control your powers and you will one day show the world how wrong they were about you." 

Hundreds of years later, the industrial revolution began on the Material Plane. Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs had become less and less profitable, with new competitors popping up left and right. Soleil, now a young adult with control over her powers, ran the shop with Edna, her surrogate mother. One day, a young woman walked into the store, looked around for a moment, and scoffed. "So the famous Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs hasn’t even specialized in magical crafting? What a joke." The old habits of cruelty and malice boiled to the surface as Edna began to cast Disintegrate. Before the last word of her incarnation was said, Soleil' placed her hand on Edna's shoulder, calming her. Soleil continues, "We apologize for our lack of stock. There, unfortunately, aren't many magical craftsmen across the realms," says Soleil. The woman looked at Soleil for a moment with a blank stare, then turned her attention to a few baubles on the shelf next to them. The woman approached the shelves and began to recite a spell unfamiliar to Soleil and Edna. What was once a glass bottle was now a glass dragonfly zipping around the room. The woman turned to Soleil and said, "We're not all craftsmen."


After Edna talked her ear off for her rude introduction, the woman eventually came to work for Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs. Being an orphan herself and having no home to call her own, she slowly became part of their small family. Eventually, Edna accepted her as her own, renaming her Esmeray Baba Yaga to truly initiate her into their world. 

In the current time, Edna has passed into her next life while Soleil and Esmeray maintain the legacy of Baba Yaga's Bits and Bobs. The era of technology was upon them and they decided to expand into yet another dimension: the world of the internet. The very website you are currently reading is part of this legacy.

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