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"Where are you located?"

We are located at:

635-9 Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL 32310

We don't have official hours so message us to visit or visit on every month's first Friday!

"What is a large D20?"

As the name suggests, its a larger D20 we make to capture extra details in a D20 design! We typically use them with inserts.

"What are your dice made of?"

Epoxy resin is the medium of our dice and acrylic paint is used for the numbers. Inclusions will vary.

"Are your dice balanced?"

Our dice are well balanced, even with inclusions such as flowers and jellyfish. We will never sell an unbalanced die without a disclaimer. With that said since they are handmade dice, these are best used for casual play.

"Why are your dice so expensive?"

Our dice are handcrafted from start to finish. The materials we use to craft the dice are quite expensive and each set takes roughly 4-8 working hours. Our dice are justly priced as they are completely unique and artisan made.

"How can we help support you?"

There are many ways you can show your support for our small business! In terms of monetary support, buying products (expensive and inexpensive) helps us grow our business tremendously. You can also donate money to help us grow via our Ko-Fi or Paypal! In terms of non-monetary support, liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts on Instagram helps get our business on more people's timelines! We also just love to interact with our followers, so don't be shy!

"What are care instructions
for these dice?"

Make sure to keep your dice at room temperature and out of the sun! Why? Well, epoxy resin has the tendency to become 'squishy' if it gets too hot, even after curing. Also, direct UV rays can cause yellowing of epoxy resin. You can also use a microfiber cloth to shine them up if they get dirty.

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